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The Controversy Surrounding John and Elizabeth Edwards and Her Cancer

Since John Edwards announced his candidacy and Mr. and Mrs. Edwards announced the recurrence of her cancer, there has been a lot of controversy. The public seems to have many issues around John Edwards' candidacy while his wife faces cancer. These include:
  • Will Mrs. Edwards having cancer raise more attention and possibly more votes for John?
  • Will Mrs. Edwards having cancer raise concern over whether John Edwards could handle the Presidency and his wife's cancer?
  • Is John Edwards an uncaring man for pursuing his ambition despite his wife's diagnosis?
  • Did Mrs. Edwards push her husband to continue his pursuit of the Presidency?
  • How will Mrs. Edwards handle being the first lady if she has cancer?
I have heard friends and announcers on TV talk about these issues. And I have a slightly difference perspective. I think it is admirable and courageous of the Edwards to go forward with the campain. Aditionally, they have been open and honest about Mrs. Edwards' medical condition. I also appreciate the fact that Mrs. Edwards is using her story to warn women of the importance of regular mammograms, which she did not have. Even though she was smart, insured and a well-connected senator's wife, with a history of late-in-life pregnancies, and fertility treatments, she did not have regular mammograms.

No matter what the final results are of the campaign, I believe that we should support the Edwards in their decision to go forward. And I believe that both Mr. and Mrs. Edwards will continue to be advocates for individuals with cancer, and advances in cancer research, and education.
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