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Jaime Weinstein

Jaime Weinstein

Jaime (pronounced Jamie, but is supposed to be spelled J’aime [that’s a story for another blog]) is a pop-culture connoisseur, SEO obsessed, social media junkie… and she hearts your butt. Yes, seriously, she does.

Battling the potty monster that is Crohn’s disease for more than half her life, Jaime has had quite the journey. And this part-time Jersey Girl is happy to brag that she can navigate you to about 90% of the public restrooms located along the Eastern Seaboard!

Shortly before completing her degree in journalism from Rowan University — while in a full-on flare — Jaime discovered her inner tech geekess and entered the world of online media. Since then, she’s worked steadily as a copywriter, blogger, social media manager, and editor with some of the biggest brands and top-ranked universities the United States has to offer, such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Verizon, Villanova University, and Florida Tech. Along with her marketing career, Jaime also contributes journalistic gems enhanced with SEO perfection for U.S. News University Directory and its affiliates.

Wanting to be more than just a mere toilet goddess or make-up applying genius (just because you are sick doesn’t mean you have to look it), you can find Jaime most days hard at work researching the latest news in Crohn’s disease and IBD while trying to become the best Crohn’s advocate that she can. In her spare time you can find her answering questions and monitoring the social media experience of visitors to the Facebook Community Page “Support Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis!”

Something else Jaime loves, aside from saving your butt, is Andy Cohen’s Real Housewives franchise (excluding Miami). She’s also from Miami. Ironic, no?