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Dr. Natalia Murinova, MD

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Dec 22, 2009
Awful and potentially dangerous

She is not a neurologist but more of a headache specialist. If you visit her for any other ailment, she will completely ignore you and push her headache management plan.

She does not listen and even interrupts you when you're...


Mar 9, 2010
Outstanding Cluster Headache Neurologist

Suffering from Cluster Headaches (CH) for about 7 years (last 2 years diagnosed) I had my initial 2.5 hour visit with Dr. Murinova and her 2 interns at the UWMC Neuro Headache Center in October, 2009. She/they performed an extensive physical and...


Jul 5, 2013
Would highly recommend!!

Getting an appointment took a bit of perseverance because they require all the medical records in advance. However, it makes a ton of sense because it's a waste of time seeing a doctor who knows nothing about a patient's history and didn't...