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Dr. Vinni Makin, MD

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May 24, 2010
The most dependable endocrinologist

I saw Dr. Grover after years of struggling with my diabetes - many doctors I had previously seen were unable to bring my blood sugar levels under control. However, I have been seeing Dr. Grovr for the past year, and she started me on a new blood...


Dec 28, 2010
Very Disappointing Visit

Dr. Makin had a preconcieved notion about my son's situation based on his age. She wanted to preform an unusal amount of very expensive testing. She REFUSED to accept a UNIVERSITY HOPSITAL'S blood test and results. I think she just...


Dec 31, 2010
Very Bad

She is the worst doctor. She totally denied my symptoms, without doing blood work, and told me I need to see a psychiatrist. She asked questions like she was a psychologist and did not even examine my thyroid. I have classic symptoms associated...