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Dr. Shelly M. Heidelbaugh, MD

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Jun 6, 2012
The best doctor I have ever had.

Dr. Heidlebaugh always has the answer I need for my health problems. She is thorough, takes time to listen and works with me for the best solution to the problem.


Nov 2, 2009
Two visits, still disappointed.

Dr. Heidelbaugh did several tests which ended up costing a lot of money, and still no diagnosis. Her basic answer is to refer you to a specialist. I was about to travel and she did not even know anything about anti-malarial pills and referred me...


Aug 8, 2010
Dr Heidelbaugh

I really like and respect Dr Heidelbaugh and her nursing staff. Howver, I find the office staff very uncooperative, rude and speaking Spanish the whole time I am there. I find this very rude. I hope she practices at another office cause I would...