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Jul 6, 2012
Great doctor!!

After visiting several eye doctors, I finally found a doctor that new exactly what I had and told me everything about it. Its now been 3 weeks since I saw him and my eye feels normal again along with my vision. Thank you Dr. Selem, my whole family...

T. T.

Aug 14, 2012
Good surgeon

My upper lids were droopy and Dr. Selem fixed them. Now my make-up doesn't smear when I put it on. His specialty is eyelid surgery. Go see him if you need this kind of surgery.


Feb 28, 2011
Nice doctor!!!

Dr. Selem took the time to explain my condition. He really cares about his patients. Very nice and compassionate doctor.


Sep 6, 2011
Incredible doctor

This was my first time to see Dr. Selem and I must say I will be returning to see him for other cosmetic procedures. He provided me with detailed explanations and answered all my questions. After seeing my results after having a browlift done I...


Aug 20, 2012

thanks to Aqualipo and Dr. Selem I looked great this summer in my bathing suit. I did Aqualipo on my stomach and love handles then 5 weeks later I was at the beach in that new bathing suit. This procedure was so easy on my body, I had no pain...


Feb 20, 2012
Happy patient

Dr. Selem took the fat pockets out of my lower eyelids & got rid of the wrinkles, I no longer have that tired look. This procedure has really refreshed my face. I highly recommend Dr. Selem to anyone thinking of getting plastic surgery on the...


Apr 5, 2012
Awesome doctor

Dr Selem did my upper eyelids 1 month ago and the change has been incredible. Anyone looking to have this surgery should see this doctor as this is his specialty.


Apr 9, 2012
Great eyelid doctor

After Dr Selem did surgery to take out my fat pockets from my lower lids my face looks much more rested. Thank you Dr Selem your a great doctor


Jun 5, 2012
Aqualipo is awesome

After having had traditional lipo with smartlipo on my stomach 3 years ago, I couldn't believe how different & nonpainful Aqualipo was. I did Aqualipo on my love handles and it was truely a completely different experience, no pain or...


Aug 1, 2012

I kept getting restylane put into my folds next to my mouth. after dr. selem did naturalfill i don't need resylane or any other product anymore. what an awesome procedure, its been now 1 year and all the fat injected is still there. this is...


Sep 3, 2020

I went to see the doctor to have a growth removed from my eye lid.

His staff is great, kind and caring.

It was my first visit to Dr. Selem's office but will not be my last!

The procedure was quick and virtually painless!

Willard G.