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Dr. Eva E. Cwynar, MD

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Jun 19, 2010
Terrible doctor!

She is a terrible doctor! Stay away, she's only interested in making money, lots of it! Her celebrity status is the next most important thing in her life. Her staff is rude & she's rude to her staff. Unless you're a famous...


Jul 1, 2010
Best doctor!

She is helpful and has changed my life. I had battled with an overweight issue all my life and once I met with her it was diagnosed as a problem with my thyroid. Ever since I have been loosing weight!


Jul 1, 2010
Changed my life

Acne as an adult had been hard to resolve for my doctors, but Dr. Cwynar's supplements and care recommendations began to eliminate my acne immediately. Now I have my life back-acne free!


Nov 29, 2011
Knows what she's doing

My energy levels are so much better since I have begun taking the treatment Dr Cwynar prescribed for me. I was initially doubtful when she was recommended to me due to her status as a "celebrity doctor," but after doing some research on...


Jun 26, 2016

Excellent doctor and friendly, caring staff.

Jo H.