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Dr. Carol A. Rupe, MD

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Jan 24, 2010
Great Family Doctor in Charlotte

If you are looking for a great family doctor you found her. As a woman I have concerns that I only feel comfortable talking with another woman about. It turns out that dr. Rupe is a breast cancer survivor! She has put my mind at ease on more than...


Jan 4, 2010
Wonderful Family Practice, Great Clinic and Nice Staff

My family moved and needed to find a new family doctor. When researching family physicians in Charlotte, we found many were operating offices as part of a particular hospital and were rarely in the office. I had already experienced the...


Jan 27, 2010
A Charlotte family doctor worth having

I had been to a doctor mill in Harrisburg and had a different doctor every time. i am so glad I found Charlottes Premier because I feel much better. They are just the best. Thank you all.


Apr 2, 2010
Excellent Family Care, with Great Family Physician

Just had a great medical appointment. I was worried about a lump and I am Soooo glad to know Dr. Rupe. She survived breast cancer and is open about it. she knew exactly what to do and how to take care of me. I was very worried but I am okay. thank...


Jun 28, 2011
Worst service ever by a doctor's office

They advertise walk-in appointments are welcome then when a current patient calls who is actually sick and needs to see someone, I am told that they have no available appointments for one week. They also claim that there is only one P.A./doctor...