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Dr. Bruce O. Hough, MD

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Nov 27, 2010

Both he and his staff were friendly. He was an especially nice man and went out of his way to help me.


Feb 28, 2011
Dr Hough

Dr. Hough treats his patients as though he thinks he is God.


Mar 9, 2012

Dr. Bruce took all the time necessary with my mother and was very thoughtful and caring.


Jun 25, 2012
Great Service

My beloved husband saw Dr Hough on his last days and he was very thorough.Dr Hough went above and beyond to ensure he did everything to make my husband comfortable. I wish I knew him earlier. I will recommend him to anyone without thinking twice....


Apr 15, 2016
Great doctor

Dr. Hough has been very kind to us during my husband's battle with cancer, and he has shown a lot of care and concern for us as a family. He is also very knowledgeable about new treatments.


Mar 13, 2020
Dr. Hough is GREAT !!!!!!

I had to experience of meeting Dr. Hough under unfortunate circumstances when I was diagnosed with Cancer. He was AWESOME. He's not there just to bill the insurance company for a check. he GENUINELY cares for his patients.

LaSonya W.