It's a veritable avalanche! At least two more new diabetes blogs have appeared on the scene, not to mention the seemingly endless sites and resources I keep finding as I dig ever deeper. (Soon you may have to send out the rescue dogs, 'cause I gotta get some other work done here :) But for now, here's what's new and/or interesting:

* 22-year-old Rob from Canada is making an impressive debut with his new blog DIABolic. He seems to be a very smart guy -- who happens to have had Type 1 since the tender age of 3. Welcome, Rob!

* Gina of DiabetesTalkFest has started a very artsy new blog here. Check out her original Hellonearthcolorartwork and her insights on Hell and the other hard stuff. She rocks!

* Craig L's intriguing site, He offers a ton of information and resources for people with diabetes who travel regularly for business or pleasure.

* TCOYD, or Taking Control of Your Diabetes, an outfit that actually runs 8-10 conferences and health fairs around the country per year to help diabetics and their families learn to live well with this disease. Based in San Diego, the group was founded in 1995 by Dr. Steven Edelman, who's had diabetes since the age of 15. I received a postcard promoting a conference in my area, and was very skeptical until I learned that this is a non-profit deal. Conference fees are extremely low (around $35/person) and all go directly into making the program possible. Definitely seems worth checking out. See the 2005 event schedule HERE.

* And finally, for any of you who spend way too much time clicking through bookmarked blogs (like I used to), but haven't yet discovered subscription services, try Bloglines. Not to sound like a commercial here, but this really is the most easy-to-use blog-tracking tool I've found. You just search/enter your favorite blogs by clicking "Add" in the far left corner of this page. In case you care to subscribe to me, I've actually added a button in my right-hard margin here, or you can go to the Bloglines site and add my RSS (subscription) URL:

That's it for today's roundup. Now I can start over with my list of Neat New D/Web Stuff, yet again.

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