To cap off this week of copious diabetes creativity, I am presenting a few favorites from the "Most-Creative" category in the 2010 DiabetesMine Design Challenge as promised.

Again, using the Wired/Tired method, I'm also sharing some key comments from our judging team (below each entry today). Hopefully these ideas will not only motivate you to envision your own "ideal diabetes tool," but will also provide some insight into our judging process.

Note that we struggled for a long time with the first entry highlighted today, the Pumpie, because it is so beautifully executed and such a practical concept — but maybe too practical? Could something as simple as a shower case like this really be crowned conqueror in an ambitious innovation competition?

Your turn to be the judge:


Judges say -

Wired: "A very useful product that meets a need."

Tired: "Unclear how it will actually remain waterproof with the tube sticking out. Also, how great is the need to shower with a pump?"


Judges say —

Wired: "A great concept and a keen value proposition..."

Tired: "... but I don't think a stranger would use this. They would panic and automatically call 911 and not want to risk attempting any kind of treatment"


Judges say -

Wired: "Great idea to make healthy eating a prominent issue right on the fridge!"

Tired: "Probably not technologically realistic, and could be a nuisance for family members."

Before we all knock off for Labor Day Weekend: anyone have thoughts on these creative D-signs they'd like to share?

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