A very happy and BLUE World Diabetes Day to everyone today!

Feeling Blue Myself...  But for all the right reasons. Read on for an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK at the Young Voices video competition winners!

First, a note for SF Bay Area locals:  Myself and a group of local advocates including Kelly Close and Manny from TuDiabetes be on-site to launch the lighting of San Francisco City Hall in diabetes-awareness blue at 5:00pm Pacific time this evening.  Can't wait! Come on out and join us if you can.

Meanwhile, there is much WDD fanfare already underway, especially on the East Coast.

Remember that Young Voices video campaign — put together by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Discovery Health, Discovery Education, and Novo Nordisk?

Winners are being announced today at the special event in New York City's Times Square - Young Voices: Life with Diabetes Forum. The video initiative called for teens and young adults to create a 3-minute video expressing what they would tell the next president about how to improve life with diabetes if they had the chance. A great chance to raise consciousness of this exasperating invisible disease.

Seven finalist videos were selected from the hundreds received (you can view some sample entries here, and those were narrowed down to three "favorites" in a live, on-site vote today in real-time at Times Square. "Participating young adults and teens living with Type 1 diabetes will watch the seven videos then complete a confidential paper ballot that will then be tallied."

I was lucky to get an exclusive look at the Seven Finalists, and as of this afternoon, here are the three "favorites" chosen for your viewing pleasure:

Videos Courtesy: Discovery Health, Novo Nordisk, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Discovery Education

Nice! (You can now view all 7 finalists at the DiabetesMine YouTube channel HERE.)

New Insight Into Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Also unveiled and aired here at DiabetesMine for the first time today, new data from the DAWN (Diabetes, Attitudes, Wishes and Needs) Youth WebTalk Survey:

With 9,200 respondents worldwide, this is the most comprehensive research project ever undertaken to explore issues of social and psychological support surrounding life with Type 1 diabetes.   Specifically, the survey polled 314 young adults with diabetes, 1613 parents/caregivers of children with diabetes and 102 healthcare professionals in the US.

Why no adults with Type 1?  The focus here was on the "peak age":

"Type 1 diabetes affects about 5 to 10 percent of the 30 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes. While type 1 diabetes can occur at any age, peak incidence occurs during puberty. For any young person these days, the transition from adolescence into adulthood is full of life-changing experiences.  For teens and young adults with type 1 diabetes, however, the unique challenge of living with this chronic illness complicates an often troublesome period in their lives..."

OK, got it. Some of the interesting topline findings:

•    Health care providers believed that depression (31%) and anxiety (38%) are common among youth with diabetes, and they referred more than 25% of their patients to mental health specialists

•    Only 25% of young adults but half of parents felt that their doctors and/or professionals in their diabetes team have a good understanding of the daily challenges or difficulties they faced managing their diabetes

•    However, 75% of HCPs said they always discuss self-care difficulties with their patients (so they think they're do a better job than we patients think they are - go figure!)

•    Health care providers believed that depression (31%) and anxiety (38%) are common among youth with diabetes, and they referred more than 25% of their patients to mental health specialists

•    61% of the young adults with diabetes said it was important to talk with other people their age who have diabetes, while 81% of the parents felt this was important

•    Despite the availability of youth camps, local events in some areas and networking sites on the Internet, 41% of the young adults surveyed had not been involved with any diabetes-related youth activities (compared to 34% for all participating countries); however, 60% would be interested in doing so

Youth also reported that they had the worst support for their diabetes in school, compared to other environments, which is particularly upsetting considering that school is where they spend most of their time.  Additionally, there's a lot of information reported about the burden of this disease on parents and families. Read more details here.

Also being officially announced today — and positioned as a remedy for some of what ails young Type 1s — is the JDRF 's new social network called JuveNation (see yesterday's post for the story on that).

Finally, in kind of a me-too move, Insulet Corp. has launched its own video contest today. Users of the OmniPod tubeless pumping system are invited to submit a video of 3 minutes or less to "show the world how OmniPod has changed your life."  It's a YouTube-based contest accepting submissions through Dec. 31, 2008. One grand prize winner will get a brand new MacBook Pro and two runners' up will receive a "custom-decorated" Flip Mino camcorder.  Y'all know I love my OmniPod, but I'll never beat that Grrrl Surfer on videotape :)

This is of course just a tiny sliver of what's happening today in the US and around the world to mark World Diabetes Day. I encourage you to use your Google to have a good look around the D-universe today!

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