Amy Tenderich

I was chatting with a dietitian friend not long ago and found myself explaining my feelings about low-carb eating.  I've been given some grief in the past by the Atkins devotees that I'm not gung-ho enough about the low-carb lifestyle.  Well, now that I've formulated my thoughts on the subject, l can tell you why:

Low-carb for me, and for many people with Type 1 diabetes, is not about weight loss.  I am, thankfully, not struggling with my weight on any grand scale.

For most people with Type 1 diabetes, eating low-carb has not set us free from our formerly overweight bodies, transformed our life for the better, or done us any favors at all, actually.

Low-carb for us is about one thing: keeping our blood glucose in check. And being essentially forced to eat low-carb to control our diabetes ain't much fun.

I personally never gorged on carbs in the past.  But I sure did enjoy fruit. And cereal. And rice. And a little pasta now and then.  I enjoyed being able to drink a glass of apple juice without feeling like the wrath of God was coming down upon me.  I enjoyed having open choices of what to eat and drink without the stress and the repercussions.

So is low carb useful for diabetes? Yes, of course it is.  Just don't expect me to like it.

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