I suppose people on insulin pumps have bad weeks, too.  But I'm officially D-O-N-E with the last few, that's for sure.  And now, three days of SUS activity, catapulting and crashing, realizing with ever-more clarity that multiple daily injection (MDI) therapy is very imprecise.  (Either that, or I can't count carbs worth a [farthing]; I've also ordered an expensive new gram scale to test my alleged skills.)

Sooooo, outcome:  All you (pushy-pushy) pumper types out there will be gladdened to know that I have sufficiently cleared the fear and reluctance hurdles: Ready. To. Pump.

Here's why:

* It's so not about the embarrassment or awkwardness of taking shots in public

* It's so not about the inconvenience of it all, even

* IT'S ABOUT THE BG CONTROL, STUPID! (note to self)Thewave

So I'm starting to reading everything I can get my hands on about pumping -- or rather, everything I can squeeze into my insanely packed schedule.  All this talk about "fine-tuning" your basal rates and square-wave bolus doses/dual-wave bolus doses.  Wha? Fine-tuning? The wave? Don't you just dial up and stick it in?  (if you'll excuse the expression)

And suddenly the rain is gone and I can see clearly now: I probably won't ever achieve an A1c under 7.1 without changing something drastic around here.  I can kill myself for a few more years chasing decent glucose control with my insulin pen (which, absurdly, I actually quite like)... or I can CHANGE SOMETHING by transitioning to the most precise dosing method available today: the gosh-darn insulin pump.  So I am officially ON A NEW MISSION.

How the DexCom has helped:

* Well, there's nothing like actually viewing your glucose control, now is there?

* I've been wearing a sensor, i.e. experiencing an "infusion site" for more than 4 months now, without pain, discomfort, or infection (extremely comforting for potential pumpers)

* Knocking myself out to make this new-fangled CGM thing work for me and then still not achieving my BG goals has pushed me just enough over the edge -- it can't be more work than this, and things can only get better

So my new Pre-New Year's Resolution, or better yet, National Diabetes Month Resolution (that's November, in case you didn't know) is to Get Pumping

Of course this won't happen immediately. I'm exploring my options, and then come the many matters of doctor authorizations, ordering product and waiting for it, getting signed up for pump training courses (yes, they insist on that here), and so on.  And so it shall be a long journey.  But for today, that's the new obsession of my D-thinking.  I thought you'd all like to know...

                                        * * *

Oh, and Final Observation of the Day: this is getting surreal; people I haven't seen for YEARS are tracking me down via this nutty diabetes Web stuff.  The ambitious ones know all sorts of personal odds and ends about me by reading up a bit here.  On second thought, perhaps the title of my next book might be Diabetes in a Fishbowl.

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