I love dressing up in costumes, and the whole aura of Halloween festivities.  But I don't need to remind you fellow PWDs why this holiday is really scary: it's the #$%@ high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden store-bought candies, that's what. They're everywhere at this time of year, just begging to be eaten.

As author and advocate Laura Plunkett (mother of a Type 1 child) writes: "I drift through the supermarket aisles getting angry. Did they make up this holiday just to torture kids with diabetes? What happened to apples, popcorn, tricks, and homemade treats?"

Sadly, all I can think is: apples and popcorn?  That stuff messes with my blood sugar, too.

Here's what's also really scary: My 11-year-old daughter, with a poise and grace beyond her years, perked up as we passed a Starbuck's the other day.  Of course, they were promoting super-sweet cocoa treats for Halloween.  "Mom, I want to invite you for a coffee today.  I got babysitting money, so I can finally treat you!"

The sparkle in her eye was too much for me to deny.  But damn it. Mid-day Starbucks just messes me up, no matter how carefully I try to dose.  I really didn't need the extra liquid carbs. At all. I was having a great BG day until this heartfelt invitation came along.  Sure enough I was at 239 about an hour and a half after my decaf soy latte (my attempt to drink nothing much of substance at all).  It essentially took me until the next morning to get back on track.  How scary — or just plain sad — is it that I can't enjoy a little afternoon libation with my daughter without stressing over my diabetes control and ending up regretting it?!

Sometimes I just wish the rest of the world had a clue how hard these things are for us. If Starbucks challenges me this much, how am I supposed to deal with the massive treat-fest known as Halloween?  And all that leftover temptation that lingers in our house for weeks afterwards?  #$%@

Therefore, although I missed my opportunity this year, I'm thinking of ordering this great get-up for next year's "All Hallow's Eve":

I'm going as a big can of Whoop-Ass.

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