Many of you may be following the quirky approach that humorist Art Buchwald is taking to his own impending death, giving interviews and holding court in a Washington hospice. The apex of his life's quotable quotes being: "The question is not, Why must we die? but rather, What are we doing hereBuchwald in the first place?" (He also said, "Dying is easy; parking is impossible")

Leave it to Art to teach us how to die with humor and grace! Still, I'm a little annoyed with the media coverage here. Like Luther Vandross before him, the man is dying of the effects of diabetes, and nobody's talking about it.

The articles all mention kidney disease and leg amputation, which tipped me off immediately that diabetes was at work. But I could only confirm this by scouring the blogoshpere. As far as I can tell, none of the major MSM (mainstream media) print publications are using the D-word in their coverage of Buchwald's plight. Wassup?! Wouldn't this be an ideal platform for reminding people about the serious consequences of this disease?

The media is very clear on the epidemic proportions of diabetes, and the value of awareness in preventing and containing it. But I guess that was yesterday's news. I guess mixing diabetes information with Buchwald's upbeat outlook on death might spoil the story (?) Just makes me mad. People should know that the killer combination of stroke, kidney failure, and leg amputation don't come out of the blue. As dLife likes to say, "Don't guess, test!"

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