Here's something highly appropriate for your Monday: an in-depth look at the "Top 10 Patient Gripes" of diabetes patients around the country -- a feature article researched and written by Yours Truly.



The article is presented in the October issue of Diabetes Health magazine and is also available online now HERE.

So only 10 gripes, you ask?  Is that all?!  Heck, I had to stop somewhere. 

Now wouldn't you like to know what topped the list?  Here's a sneak preview of numbers one through three.  DRUMROLL, PLEASE.....

* The No. 1 Gripe of people living with diabetes is ... (envelope please)... "The Exasperating Things Other People Say."  Oh yes, THAT.

* In a close second is ... "Feeling Lost and Alone."  Yes, THAT TOO.

* And No.3 is ... "Frustration with Your Doctor."  AND THAT!!

For details on these universal stumbling blocks, plus some expert advice on how to overcome them, read the article, please.  Then stop back by here and let me know what you think, will ya? 

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