Earlier this month, we hosted a Diabetes Moment Holiday Sweepstakes in which we asked the D-Community to send us some notes on what they learned or experienced in 2012.

We raffled off prizes to nine winners, announced this past Monday. But what we haven't done yet is share our own personal D-learning moments from 2012, so that's what we plan to do now, in the spirit of this month's Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) Blog Carnival.

The prompt:

Take a moment to reflect on diabetes in 2012 — on a personal level, on a community level, on a technological level, anything you can think of. What things stand out to you the most?  What did "2012 and Diabetes" mean to you?


Thinking it over, I had two sort of "a-ha" experiences this year, the first having to do with eating, and the second about CGM.

It may be "middle-aged spread," but I've put on a few pounds lately and am struggling harder than ever to stick to low-carb eating, which I know is best for my BG levels (I don't eat regular bread, pasta, or anything with wheat anyway due to my allergy, but I sure love me some granola bars, tortilla chips, fruit, etc.) After years of getting really frustrated watching everyone around me enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, something that our quirky columnist Wil Dubois said really stuck with me: "a little is better than none." That is, if I can just have a half a granola bar, just one handful of chips, or a little taste of that fruit salad, at least I've enjoyed the flavor -- rather than tried to deny myself completely. Over time, I find that more sustainable than a "just say no" policy.

My second revelation was that when continuous glucose monitoring is accurate and user-friendly, it's an incredible tool that's actually hard to live without! I'm talking about the new Dexcom G4 CGM, of course, which I've been using for about a month now. I wanted to really "live with it" for a while before writing a formal review, but I must say, I'm feeling pretty in love with this thing. And pretty darn lost when I'm disconnected. So maybe this year's post will be titled "Happier WITH."


This was one of the biggest years for me when it comes to diabetes... probably the most significant since I stumbled upon the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) and started getting involved online. It may be obvious, but the big "a-ha" moment for me was joining the 'Mine. Having the opportunity to combine my personal diabetes writing and professional journalism was something I never would have expected, but it's been a life-changing experience and a privilege to be able to do this.

On a personal health front, the big moments that stand out to me are being able to finally recognize and share the mental health struggles I've had, and seek the help to get those issues addressed. I've come a long way in 2012; it's a path that wasn't smooth early on, and in making things better, I certainly didn't walk alone. My own diabetes management has almost fallen to the back burner this year, not being all that remarkable on either extreme -- which is a big win in itself!

Another year of a D-life has passed, and I am working to get motivated for some improved D-management in 2013 -- from A1C drops to just plain better carb-counting.... and as always, I'm sure that will be a work in progress!

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