A few days ago, I noticed an exceedingly active discussion thread over at DiabeticConnect that began with the header "Husband is not a supporter of diabetic food choices." The woman who posted it explains how she struggles to cook separately for herself, her husband (a strictly meat-and-potatoes guy) and her two-year-old.

This poor PWD mom is endeavoring to lose weight and eat heart-healthy, and her husband is... well... not on board.

good-bad-foodOf course this lack of support is incredibly common, although I've most often heard from wives trying to cook healthy for their diabetic husbands, who seem to care less and balk at the lighter fare. Either way, (you should excuse the expression) you're screwed.

If you have the diabetes yourself, support in the kitchen and at the dining table are key to success. If you're trying to help someone else who has it, good luck with that if the patient themself rejects the whole notion of altering his/her food choices.

As I read through this community discussion, a number of statements popped out at me:

"My husband watches what I eat!! And criticizes, not sure that affects me in a positive way..."

"My boys are teens, they eat up my special foods."

"If you look underneath the anger someone's expressing, the underlying emotion is often unacknowledged fear (or grief)."

"There's a fine line between voicing concern and nagging. I have to keep my lips locked a bit more and try to be a partner instead of a warden."

"Don't let (them) sabotage the hard work you are doing for yourself. You are your first priority!"

Lack of support in the eating arena is tough no matter how you slice it. I thought it would be interesting to take a poll today, based on the coping choices mentioned in this discussion thread:

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