Last week's Spring Break is over. Whew... Although as parents we felt our wallets rupturing, a good time was had by all -- especially in those moments we weren't paying for. 

Snacks for the road: $17.54

Extra gluten-free road-fare for you-know-who: $13.00

Pre-departure tank-up: $63.00 (no kidding)

Movie rentals for the backseat-installed DVD player: $34.00

Sound of hubby's and my own voices as we actually chatted in perfect peace: Priceless


Tram tour of the Benziger Winery: $45.00

Small bribes to keep children happy while we enjoyed wine tasting: $9.00

Supplies for picnic on lush winery grounds: $41.00

Being asked above the happy din of wine-sloshing picnickers, "MOM, HOW DO YOU SAY 'DIABETIC' IN GERMAN?!": Priceless


Adjoining rooms in ecologically correct family hotel: ca. $300.00

Dinner for five at pretentious California-Italian restaurant with wine-barrel decor: ca. $160.00

Less pretentious desserts from hotel hallway vending-machine: $2.50

Making a human chain and jumping in the frigid swimming pool together at 8am: Priceless



Admission to Calistoga's Old Faithful Geyser Park - $22.00

Pellets to feed ornery goats and llamas - $6.00 (in quarters)

Lunch for five at local taqueria: $37.47

Loads of smiles, and an average blood glucose of 90 mg/dL four days in a row: PRICELESS


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