Back in 2006, nitric oxide (NO) was all the buzz. I've since discovered that it's been utilized to treat everything from vascular eye disease to erectile dysfunction (yes, it's the stuff in Viagra!). Today, a look back at my original post discovering this wonder substance, derived from ancient Chinese herbs.


What Nitric Oxide Can Do For You (or Say Yes to NO)nitrix

Further to my query on natural substances that help diabetes, have you heard of nitric oxide (NO)?  Sounds toxic, ay? It is in fact a "free radical gas that is a powerful regulator of circulation (it is an endogenous vasodilator) and a neurotransmitter (it helps in the processing of nerve signal as they cross synapses)." Read all about it at DiabetesInControl.

Apparently NO is impaired in people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and this deficiency may play an important role in the poor circulation in diabetic patients that leads to high incidence of ulcers. Some researchers also believe the NO shortage is one cause of peripheral neuropathy (diabetic nerve damage).

In short, impaired circulation is indeed the root of most diabetic complications, and NO seems to have a powerful effect in improving this problem. So where can I get me some NO?!

The January issue of the medical journal Diabetes features a paper by several doctors proposing NO as a potential new diabetes treatment. The authors experimented with adding "physiologic concentrations" of NO to the CD34+cells, which repair blood vessels throughout the body — working with cells taken from diabetic patients in a lab setting.

According to the experts, this work takes "groundbreaking" strides towards halting diabetic complications. We're talking fully regenerated cell repair.

Too late for my father, but here's an advancement that Our D-Generation might actually benefit from.

Editor's Note: In case you're interested, and happen to be in Germany, here's a clinical study on nitric oxide and diabetic nephropathy that's currently recruiting patients.


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