I'm not sure you all share my sense of humor — but this post, from back in Spring of 2006, still makes me laugh:

Name That Absurdity

Lots of little oddities are overheard in this crazy sugar- challenged life we lead. Care to take a ganderDorisdaybyleofuchs1 at which statements recently peppered which daily situations? (Answers are below, but no cheating now!)

A) "Did you wipe yet?"


C) "Not now! I'm shooting a threebie correction"

D) "Didn't you wear those socks yesterday?"

E) "Place urine HERE"

F) "There's a green orange in it!"

G) "How come Daddy's is bigger?"

H) "Ms. Tenderich, can I see your needles?!"

I) "Sure, I can drink now. I'm high"

J) "Now my tush is NOT LEAVING THE CHAIR until I eat this. Got it?"

K) "I need to lie down, or you'll be very sorry"

L) "Oooh, I don't like that blood boo-boo!"

M) "Make a fist... Goodness, not like that!"

N) "You put a needle in your glass?"

O) "MOOOMMM, Mikayla doesn't believe me that you have diabetes!!"

Now check your score, below. If you got 12 or more correct answers, I might consider taking you along on my anniversary getaway to Palm Springs next week (you need a break!). If you're not a parent, but still only got 3 or less correct, you must be a diabetes newbie. Welcome to our world!

{ A, C, D, and J — The Breakfast Hour with my 3 munchkins; F, G, I, and N — The Cocktail Hour with 3 munchkins nosing in; B, E, K, and M — Fun and Games at the Hospital Lab; H, L, and O — Volunteering in the Classroom (was never this much fun!) }

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