Four years ago, I got really upset when my blood sugar surged. If you asked me then, I'd have sworn that in four year's time, I'd have it all figured out and these surges would be a thing of the past - hah!! Thus, I bring you, from October 2005, an all-time favorite post headline:

Crap! High Blood Sugar!

Can I say "crap" here? Well, seeing as I'm the senior staff reporter, managing editor, and publisher all in one, I suppose so... And any of you PWDs (people with diabetes) out there who've experienced the Sudden Unexplained Surge (SUS!!) certainly understand my frustration.

It has been a week of highs.

Hosting the Grand Rounds was a blog high (and also a helluva lotta work considering everything else going on). But the mysterious flight into the 200-300 mg/dL zone actually began several days before GR work even commenced. One night I go to bed at 117, and wake up at 300! WtF?! So I correct, go low, eat, go high, correct again, feel nauseous — the usual crap (oops...)

So I chalk it up to a bad D-day and move on. But tomorrow is no different. And the next day high_sugar_1either! So I start leaving frantic messages for my CDE, to the tune of WtF?! Here are the theories (bear with me):

1. Live-in nanny gives us 4 days' notice that she's flying back to her home country for a family emergency — after I've committed to a veritable "carnival" of work projects, and become the default leader of a community development protest. The patient is experiencing stress.

2. Scrambling to get said work projects under control before said nanny flies the coop, i.e. lots of extra time on buttocks facing PC. Patient's activity level has suddenly decreased sharply.

3. Stuffy nose and pain in ear hit one night about 3am (of course!). Patient's glucose levels elevated due to existing infection/approaching illness.

4. The patient's diabetes honeymoon is over (?!) Gulp...

CDE doesn't think too much of No. 2, or No. 1, either. So that leaves us with No.s 3 & 4. Crap!

Definitely time to rethink those insulin-carb ratios, if I had any idea what was going down here...

As Jay of Cyber-Pancreas so aptly puts it: "Tomorrow I will test more, work harder, and make it right. Today though, I get to be frustrated. Today I am not fine."


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