Ooh, I made a rhyme!  So clever.  And just about the kind of cutsey headline you'd expect for such an unlikely "news" announcement. I usually systematically ignore all the fuss about herbs and supplements that supposedly help control diabetes, even cinnamon, because it just seems awfully far-fetched to me.  But if scientific results were presented at the all-knowing ADA conference this year, then it must be true...

Get this: For many generations in Vietnam, Type 2 diabetics were given an herbal tea made of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (GP).  Later, studies found that this stuff actually worked by stimulating insulin secretion in isolated islet cells in rats.  So researchers launched a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with newly diagnosed T2 patients aged 40-70. This according to a new research poster presented at the 68th Annual ADA Scientific Sessions a few weeks ago here in San Francisco.

"Therapy: 6 grams of GP tea twice a day for 12 weeks, plus following a healthy diet and and exercise regimen."

Would you believe?  "Fasting plasma glucose decreased in the tea group after only one week." At the end of 12 weeks, the GP group had an average 2% drop in A1c, compared to less than 0.2% in the unlucky souls who got no tea.  No one experienced hypoglycemia.

Anyone tried this stuff?  Or found that any kind of tea or herb really makes a difference in your BG control?

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