For many of you, Dr. Nat Strand is a familiar face. That's because this 30-something anesthesiologist shot to fame in 2010 when she became the first-ever type 1 diabetic to win the reality TV competition The Amazing Race. We interviewed her last year and got the whole back story on why she didn't bring along a hairbrush on that adventure, among other things.

Today, she is "all over" the diabetes advocacy scene — in print, online, and in TV and radio.

Her latest venture is a dental health campaign with Colgate toothpaste. Sounds weird, right? But as Nat will tell you, more than one-third of Americans with diabetes are unaware of the connection between diabetes and oral health, yet "gum disease may also have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes."

This is particularly relevant right now, since October is National Oral Hygiene Month.

Anyhoo, we couldn't resist when Nat's publicists offered to make a special interview video with her just for the 'Mine. Note: she only talks about tooth care a little bit. Mostly it's about her Amazing Race experience and how her life has changed since:

Thank you, @DrNatStrand !

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