I joked with the cameraman that it was the best video he ever made about urine tests.

OK, not all the video shorts I taped lately in collaboration with medical supply giant Liberty Medical (yes, the folks with that legendary Wilford Brimley commercial) mentioned the joy of urine tests.  Our topics included "what is an insulin pump?," "intro to pump features," "new wireless diabetes systems," "how to use your glucose meter data to improve your health," and of course, "Know Your Numbers" — about the five key lab test that every PWD should have and monitor on a regular basis.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, here is the first of our three-part series on insulin pumps:

The videos will appear on Liberty's website, which reaches hundreds of thousands of mostly Type 2 diabetics, and hopefully also on a number of its relevant partner sites.

For the Type 1 diabetes community, this information is far from new.  This is very basic diabetes information that many, many Type 2s in particular never seem to have proper access to.  Let me give you a personal example there:

My dad, Larry (may he rest in peace), had diabetes for 15 years. I think that in all those years I may have ONCE seen him testing his BG with a glucose meter.  I'm not sure he even owned one in the first decade or so.  I think the doctor may have given him one near "the end" when he was in a bad way and they'd put him on insulin.  After he died, my brother and I had to clean out this things.  We found his car littered with unopened boxes of syringes, alcohol pads, and a few expired vials of insulin rolling around in the backseat amongst yellowing newspapers.  In that last year, he had passed out at the wheel of his car at least 4 times (thankfully hurting no one but himself!)

My point is, you can't tell me that Larry knew enough about controlling his diabetes.  Clearly not, or he'd still be here with us today.

He saw a doctor for 10 or 15 minutes a few times a year — a GP, I believe. That was it.

Fast forward to my life with diabetes today, which has somehow become all about trying to help PWDs via information. (As Jeff Hitchcock of CWD likes to say, diabetes management is 10% medication, and 90% information.)

Given the chance to share some critical information on treating this disease in video format around the web, I'm all over it.  You can't fit a lot of detailed info into two or three minutes on camera, and maybe I even look goofy reciting what we do cover.  I don't care.  Just maybe it can help some folks understand their options, or even become more motivated to take care of themselves.   I hereby dedicate these videos to all the Larrys of the world: learn all you can, and please, ask for help when you need it!

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