Thank you to Kelly Close, for the tip-off on the potential answer to many of our prayers.  I wrote recently about the compulsion to pre-inject for meals (20-30 min ahead of time at least) if you want to have a prayer of bringing down your post-meal blood sugars (without adding an additional injection of Symlin -- which can cause lows and make insulin dosing especially tricky).  Pre-injecting works well indeed, but I need not elaborate on its boundless inconvenience.  (Sh&$t! Time for lunch already? But I've got to wait half-an-hour before I jump in!)

Biodel A company called Biodel, Inc. may be beating the path to our rescue.  It's new Viaject product is a "very rapid acting novel formulation of recombinant human insulin."  Essentially it's Humulin Regular insulin with "unique additives" that make it absorb extremely rapidly, i.e. much faster than today's rapid acting insulin analogs.  The company claims that studies show Viaject absorbs in about half the time of Humalog!  Also, they say Viaject shows "lower variability in action than both Humulin Regular and Humalog," which I assume means a smoother absorption curve -- potentially improving BG control. 

The Big Idea here is creating an ultra-fast injectable that resembles the body's normal release of insulin into the bloodstream.  Judging from investors' reaction, Biodel seems to be on the fast-track to success.

Kelly assumes that some of my readers here at are taking part in the current Phase 3 clinical trials of Viaject (which called for patients on Regular insulin only; no pumpers in the control group). If that's true, I'd love to hear from you.  Is it fast and furious?  Is it a major improvement, or what?

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