Without pointing any fingers specifically, I would just like to say that the amount of packaging for most diabetes devices seems unnecessarily wasteful. So NOT GREEN. Check out the photo proof below:


My, what a pile.

I realize that a certain amount of cardboard, foam, and bubble wrap is required to ship the stuff without damage, but some of it just seems over the top. I know that other PWD consumers have noticed this as well. See Allison's notes on huge boxes for small glucose meters, and Gina's gripe over bulging bottles that hold far too few test strips.

Again, no offense to the company, which makes a wonderful product, but what is up with this fancy hard-cover attaché case that comes with OmniPod starter kit?


Once you take out the pump and its mini carry pack, you never look back at this thing again.


Medtronic's Guardian box is also surprisingly gi-normous, as my kids would say. We could make a bed for the kitty out of that box.


Not to mention the layers and layers of foam inserts.


Our garbage collectors must think we're running a private hospice over here, with all this medical waste going out. In fact, I cringe to think what heaps of extraneous packaging materials must be flowing through actual hospitals these days. Hasn't the push for eco-friendly packaging been going on for at least five years? For an entire hospital, it's certainly not easy being green. But for the stuff you ship out to individual diabetics across the country, could you maybe scale it down just a bit?

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