In November, we hosted a logo design contest for famous diabetes educator Gary Scheiner's newest venture, Type 1 University, a series of online diabetes education courses. The winner was the talented D-OC leader Gina Capone. The grand prize for Gina was a lifetime of diabetes education classes, and Gary was also kind enough to invite bloggers to attend one of his classes for free as a trial session.

Type 1 University provides eight different classes, all conducted online via a WebEx program. Topics range from getting the most out of your insulin pump and CGM to preventing hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, to managing blood sugar while exercising and working to lose weight. Since I happen to be in a "battle of the bulge" as I get ready for my summer wedding (172 days... not that I'm counting!), I signed up for the "Weight Loss for Insulin Users" class to test out the system.  {See also, our related post here at the 'Mine this week.}

Each T1U class is offered once a month from now until March, for a fee of $29.95. Gary says he plans to teach every class himself for the time being, but may add additional "professors" in the coming months. Pre-recorded classes can be downloaded for $19.95. Signing up for a class is easy, just like online shopping. You just click "Register" under the time of the class you want to take and pay for it using a secured form. Early in the morning on the day of your class, an email is sent with the access link to the WebEx program and the event password.

Most WebEx programs launch automatically, so getting into the system is not difficult. Once you're in, you see the Powerpoint presentation enlarged at the left, with a little window at the bottom right showing Gary's smiling face in live action. There's also a space for you to send private messages to Gary during the program to ask questions. In my class, we had some technical difficulties at the outset, but Gary said that hasn't happened before and he'll definitely be working out the glitches with his tech guys. Although I didn't use the live Q & A option myself, several folks sent in questions or provided responses to Gary as we went along.







The Weight Loss class covered a wide variety of topics, which surprised and impressed me considering the class only lasted an hour. Gary discussed the impact of insulin levels on weight, and how to lower your basal rates and bolus ratios. We also covered simple ways to increase activity and cut carbs and calories, both of which help you need less insulin, which aids in weight loss.  He also talked us through the best times to exercise, and what to eat before and after.

More importantly, he emphasized how critical it is that we take enough insulin to properly maintain blood sugar levels. No amount of weight loss is worth risking complications and feeling yucky!  I'm not providing details, of course, because I don't want to give away Gary's valuable content — so you'll just have to sign up for the class yourself (next Weight Loss class date is Feb. 8).  It's worth the 30 bucks, I tell you!

For many people, getting themselves to diabetes education classes is mega-inconvenient, usually in the middle of the day at a location far away. But with Type 1 University, you can do the class from the comfort of your home or office, at your couch or kitchen table.  Plus if the dates don't work for you, you can learn the same material from T1U's pre-recorded classes.

I think we'd all agree that learning about diabetes can be tricky, because this dumb disease is so variable and personal.  But Gary's professional and personal experience (25 years with diabetes and counting!) makes him uniquely qualified.  If anyone can make a group D-class worth your while, it's him.  Go T1U!


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