Another blog contest? Seriously? Why yeeeeesss — and this one introduces a brand new D-learning program coming this January from legendary CDE (certified diabetes educator) Gary Scheiner called Type-1 University!

Essentially Gary, who is also author of the seminal book, "Think Like a Pancreas" (and currently my very own CDE - yay!) has been looking for ways to reach larger groups of patients with his excellent coaching services for insulin users.  Type-1 University will be a set of advanced online courses, covering a variety of topics about how to live well on insulin. Here's how Gary describes it:

Type-1 University features a series of online courses designed to provide "higher education" to people using intensive insulin therapy (pumps or MDI).  The courses will be available live (via webex) or in pre-recorded format, accessible on any computer system or mobile device.  The live versions will allow the user an opportunity to participate in polling questions and interact directly with the presenter.  We are tentatively planning to offer the live courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays with both daytime and evening options.  Fees will be on a per-course basis, and similar price-wise to most medical office visit co-pays.  Topics will include:

  • Advanced carb counting
  • BG management during exercise/sports
  • Mastering pump therapy
  • Weight loss for insulin users
  • Optimizing results from continous glucose monitoring
  • Post-meal glucose control
  • Preventing & managing Hypoglycemia
  • Fine-Tuning Basal Insulin


We're helping Gary cull the community's best ideas for a logo for this new university -

Enter your best logo design and you could win free lifetime access to all Type-1 University webinars!! And of course, you'll get publicized recognition for your design work.

The specs:

- horizontal (banner-type) orientation is preferred

- your logo design should include the words "Type-1 University," a university-type image of some sort, and some indication that it is diabetes/insulin-related

- color scheme is completely open (be creative!)

- for inspiration, you can review information about the Type-1 Univeristy program at this site, and/or check out Gary's background and services at his Pennsylvania home base, Integrated Diabetes Services

How to enter:

Submissions should be emailed in JPEG format to

After today, contest activity will take place on the DiabetesMine Facebook page — where submissions will be published in the form of a photo gallery, so people can comment and mark their favorites (but final winner selection will be up to Gary and his team).

The contest will be open for submissions through Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov 25.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Nov. 30 — helping to close National Diabetes Month on a high note. we hope.

Now get to your homework, all you design-gifted PWDs!

Thank you mucho.

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