We weren't exactly bombarded with diabetes-related April Fools Funnies yesterday, but we still had fun. And believe it or not, Haidee and I agreed that TWO people should win free copies of her irreverent cartoon book, "One Lump or Two?"

First, fellow D-blogger and all-around great guy Scott K. Johnson, with this story:

Once when I was a small boy, dealing with a low, my mom handed me a stack of Oreos in one hand and a napkin with a glass of milk in the other. She said "now DON'T eat the napkin!" Can you guess what I did next? Yep, stuck the napkin in my mouth and started chewing! Ha!

I particularly liked this one because it reminded my of one of my own personal blasts-from-the-past:

When I was growing up, our dear family dog was a Pembroke Corgi, cleverly named "Corgi."  One day when he was still quite young we bought him a new brand of dog treats.  The side of the box suggested an intelligence test: wrap a treat in paper towel, and time your dog to see how long it takes him to figure out that the treat is inside, and wiggle it out.  The scale suggested that 30-45 seconds seconds indicated "lower IQ," 20-30 was "average intellingence" and 10-20 seconds was "high canine IQ," or something like that.

What did Corgi do?  He took one sniff and bit through the whole thing, paper and all.  My Mom, brother and I looked at each other, and shouted in spontaneous candor: "He's a genius!"  And of course, he was ;)

Alright, and on to our second diabetes humor winner.  Check out this image and caption from loyal reader Terry Keelan:




This is the image that comes to mind when my mother (or anyone) asks me "have you got your sugars under control?" --- Terry




Love the imagery, Terry!

Congrats to both.  Haidee will be shipping out your books pronto.  Thanks for playing, All!  And enjoy the humor. Like my mom always used to say, when things are tough, you can either laugh or cry. I hope you all can laugh.



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