I'll admit, for the first year after my diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes, I was almost afraid to leave the house.  It was scary not knowing what might happen while I was away from home, and wondering whether I'd have the right supplies at hand in a moment of need.

Obviously, my life is a lot different now.  We do take family trips regularly, including an annual sojourn to Germany every summer. I also fly across the country for various health and diabetes-related events.  But the diabetes is still hekka inconvenient, and it's still sometimes scary when things go wrong and I do not have the right supplies at hand.  Like when I'm in the middle of a conference, and the insulin Pod I'm wearing comes unstuck (pulled out cannula = no insulin).  I don't always have a vial of fresh and extra needles right there with me... and without background insulin, how will I know much to inject, anyway?

What I'm getting at here is that traveling and being away from home presents a unique set of challenges for PWDs, whether you're living with Type 1 or Type 2.

That's why this week's question in the HOLIDAY SURVIVAL SWEEPSTAKES is:

Come on, Guys. We need a lot more input here. I can think of dozens of areas where the community can share "best practices" on traveling:

* What's your favorite carry case for diabetes supplies, and why?

* What do you do about going through airport security?

* Do keep everything on your person, or stash some stuff in the hotel room while you're out and about?

* How do you handle long road trips, especially if it's you who's at the wheel?

* If you'll be walking a lot or hiking, do you wear special shoes for your diabetic feet?

* What about time zone changes?  How adjust your routine so you don't get messed up?

* If it's "just for a weekend," do you scale back and not bother taking backups of everything?

Help us out with some more great tips here, and you can win, win, win!  (We've got to unload all these great prizes in the next few weeks).  And don't forget, there will only be ONE MORE Sweepstakes Question, posted here next Tuesday, Dec. 16.  After that, it's all about the Grand Prize drawing.

Please post your input on this week's main post, or here if you must.

Final Reminder:

** This week's round will be closed for submissions at midnight Pacific time on Sunday Dec. 14.**

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