For those of you wondering, yes, we are in Europe. Despite a mix-up with our "family row" on the airplane and the lack of those wonderfully distracting little individual seat-back TVs we were counting on to keep the kids busy, the flight went surprisingly well. Which means, of course, that the little ones slept for about 5 hours. Whew!

I should mention that Airport Security made no notice whatsoever of my OmniPod. I was a little worried when they backed up the conveyor belt a few times to have a second and third look at my carry-on bag (filled with back-up syringes and insulin bottles), but in the end, we just got a green light like and ended up scrambling to put our shoes back on like everyone else. (I'm definitely of the "don't-ask, don't tell" school of thought, so I never volunteer info about all the diabetes stuff I'm packin' unless queried.)

Three and a half sleepless nights later, I've already been on the water slide at the local pool more times than I can count, and I went out for my first bike tour with my father-in-law today. The landscape this close to Holland is flat as a pancake, btw, so nothing like the riding I'm used to in San Francisco. But there are entirely other hazards to watch out for...



This too shall pass...


More from abroad soon -- inbetween all the essential D-posts I've prepared for your reading pleasure.

Off now for a cappuchino Niederrhein-style, i.e. strong coffee with a huge glop of real whip cream on top. Correct dosing for that? Doing my best here... Hey, I'm on vacation!

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