So here it is.  One of the big perplexities of insulin pumping: Am I sexy with this thing on?  I know, I know, sexy is as sexy does.  But still...

As I mentioned the other day, a fellow OmniPod-er recently wrote to me:  "Somebody mentioned that (the pods) looked like 'tumors' and I just can't get that image out of my mind.  I am concerned about their sex appeal even though my husband said he isn't bothered by its presence." -- JTSexy_legs_1

All I know is that back when I first started wearing the DexCom's little black box adhered to my tummy, I was feeling equally bionic and strange. The first time my husband caught me undressing with the thing on, I smiled at him sheepishly and said, "Naked with sensor..."  to which he replied by looking me up and down, raising his eyebrows and saying, "I see lots of sensors!"


That was either True Love in action, or a quintessential Guy Thing -- as in, as long as all the female essentials are in place, what's a little bit of hardware? 

Seems as if I'm the one who's a bit distracted.  I try not to focus on it, but I am aware of its presence --  interuppting the smoothness of my birthday suit -- during intimate moments.  Luckily, I found a sweet little camisole that spans down to the top of the hips and covers all the machinery.  I bought four different colors.

With my clothes on -- as long as it's nothing too body-hugging -- the pod is virtually invisible and I can honestly say I forget it's even there.  But this is March, remember.  What happens when we're back to Skimpy Clothing Season?  Won't the pod bulge unattractively out of tank tops and sundresses?  I'm running out of virgin "real estate" to place the pod on my abdomen, and I haven't even experimented with sites on my arms yet...  And what about that drawer full of bikinis?  Time to go Tankini shopping again, I guess.

As disconcerting as this may seem, every time I look at my belly, I remind myself how cool the OmniPod's little self-contained unit actually is.  With a traditional pump, I'd be dealing with that long plastic tube coming out of my body, with a box on the end of it.  That's a lot to negotiate around your clothing -- especially dresses and anything else one-piece with no split in the middle to run your tube through.  So there's a little lump under my teddy, so what?

I know you can disconnect a traditional pump and therefore enjoy some limited time untethered, but everything in life is a trade-off, no?  I trade not being able to temporarily disconnect for not wearing medical tubing every other moment of my life.  I trade the lump for the freedom it gives me.

And when it comes to the Sex Appeal factor, it does seem clear that it isn't my partner's perception at risk here, but my own.  We body-conscious women don't feel sexy unless we... well, feel sexy. 

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