dbmine-holiday-contest-2009The holidays are around the corner and that means another edition of the DiabetesMine 'Tis the Season! Survival Sweepstakes. For this year's contest, we're asking you to submit your "Best Of" or "Worst Of" stories about surviving the holidays with diabetes.

The "Best Of" category asks you, Dear Readers, to share your triumphs and successes with diabetes during the holidays, including specific tidbits on how you were able to manage your diabetes during "feast season" as a way to help others.

  • Examples of this could be deftly counting carbohydrates of Aunt Mildred's sweet potatoes, overcoming the temptation of gobbling up Santa's cookies, or your very best comeback to Cousin Bob's obtrusive and inappropriate hounding.

The "Worst Of" category asks you to share your stumbling blocks during the holidays, or something you tried that didn't work — and your thoughts on how you might do it better this year .

  • Examples of this could be a failed attempt at cooking sugar-free, underestimating the carbohydrates in Uncle Al's cranberry sauce, or having an unforeseen outburst at a social gathering (sometimes it's hard not to lash out at the Diabetes Police).

The contest is open for submissions starting today, November 23, and ending on Friday, December 11. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 21. Submit your story in the comments section below, or by emailing me here.

Two winners will be chosen in each category (4 individuals in all), and each of them will receive a prize pack of five different terrific items, provided the contest's generous sponsors!





Last year's judges, Allison Blass and Scott K. Johnson, are returning to help me select the winners.

Also, like last year, we'll be creating an eBook using the winner's stories and some others selected as "honorary mentions" that we deem worthy of including. The eBook will also feature holiday photos of people with diabetes (we're open for submissions on those too!). The eBook will be produced during the first part of January, for release in mid-to-late January here at DiabetesMine.

To get you in the mood for holiday survival tips with diabetes, take a gander at last year's eBook: Nuggets of Wisdom.

Now let's hear from you: What were your Best and Worst experiences dealing with food, travel, family gatherings, and all the trimmings of the holidays whilst attempting to keep your diabetes under control?

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