All the most useful and intriguing things I learned about diabetes seem to come from other patients. No contest. Every time I correspond with folks in the community and read other PWDs blogs (as much as time permits), I am blown away by the stuff I hear about.  I was fortunate enough to actually see Manny Hernandez and Anne Findlay live and in person in San Francisco last week.  Here are three cool things they shared with me:

* Anne says that PureFit nutrition bars make for delicious, high-protein diabetic snacking.  They are gluten-free, kosher-certified, and vegan-approved — which doesn't necessarily make them sound delicious, but I'm taking Anne's word for it.  She should know, since she's a triathlete who's active on the Triabetes diabetic athletes team, of which PureFit is a sponsor.  So presumably, she eats lots of these snacks.  Each bar has 26 grams of carb, but also 18 grams of protein. They come in 4 flavors, and you can get a sample kit for $7 HERE.



* One company developing an amazingly FLAT glucose meter is Arkray out of Japan.  Manny was lucky enough to get his hands on review unit of their Glucocard X-meter, which is just 12 millimeters thick. It seems this meter has been on the market in the US since June.  But I do wonder how many of us can convince our insurance to cover it — assuming enough of us have even heard about it yet?  What's particularly cool is that the test strip container is also FLATSEY — like a miniature model of the famous Flat Iron building — so that the whole package (meter, lancing device, and test strip vial) can fit neatly into this clam-shaped carry case that truly could be carried in your back pocket.  Very cool.



I'd like to get my hands my hands on one of these myself, save for the old problem of paying for supplies; my insurance surely won't be open to covering yet another stream of test strips.  Blah.



* For those of you who are active on Twitter, a tool to make it less cumbersome and time-consuming (Oh yay!)  Manny suggests we all try TweetDeck, a new app that is currently in public beta that "takes an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaks it down into more manageable bite sized pieces."  What they mean by that is, it creates a three-part viewing panel with Friends/Replies/Direct Messages that makes it oh-so-much-easier for you to view updates and replies and conduct searches on Tweets-past. Definitely worth playing with if you like to Twitter but tend to get lost in the flow.


Thank you, my D-Friends, for all the great tips. I hope I can return the favor here at the 'Mine on regular basis.  That's the idea, anyway.


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