Today marks exactly three years since the harrowing experience of my diabetes diagnosis. When I mentioned to my CDE that my anniversary was coming up, she asked, "Does that bring up any issues for you?" I was a little taken aback. Hell no! But, weeeelll, sort of... Definite maybe. No, I'm fine!

I have a tradition: I buy myself little D-presents to "celebrate" this anti-versary. Last year it was a beaded medical ID bracelet, and this year I thought about a couple of different things: maybe a nice Gift_1 little USB memory stick to record my medical records. I do love flash drives! And the E-HealthKey hangs right on your keychain, containing your entire medical history. But it didn't seem that practical after all, because I'm not sure I want to carry my full medical and family history with me at all times. I'm not sure how quickly anyone could plug the thing into a computer in case of an emergency. And most importantly, my keychain is already pretty darn full!

I also shopped on the aDorn designs site for a nice, new D-designer purse: one with special pockets for all your diabetes supplies -- even a water-tight ice compartment! But no, I can barely close my closet doors for mass of handbags as it is.

Another idea: LifeTag adhesive medical IDs. These things stick on your watch band, bracelet, driver's license, insurance card, wallet, pager or cell phone. A neat way to get your medical ID anywhere you want it. Hmmm, maybe next year...

For this year, I decided to go for yet another pretty-pretty medical ID bracelet, this time with a leather strap. I love the look of the "Londontown" from Fiddledee IDs, and let's face it, a girl canLondontownbig never have too much (medical) jewelry. Check out their nice men's collection, too.

So do I have "issues" with my diabetes diagnosis anniversary date? Well, yes. Don't we all feel a little like cursing the day to everlasting hell?! But not to worry, in my case. It's nothing a little Retail Therapy can't soothe.

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