Hey there, All -- Happy Labor Day 2013!

As you know, this annual holiday here in the States and Canada is a time to honor the hard-working people. And in the Diabetes Community, there are certainly many different jobs to recognize.

We kept it light last year, with a timeless Ode to Diabetes Workers -- everyone from researchers to medical professionals to all of us PWDs (people with diabetes) who work tireless just to live with diabetes every moment of each day. And of course, we PWDs know there's never really a day off from diabetes.

But we're getting closer to that possibility, thanks to modern technology and advancing diabetes devices. We've heard the heart-warming stories from fellow PWDs like Anna Floreen and Kelly Close who have participated in clinical studies of the Bionic Pancreas being developed by researchers Ed Damiano and Steven Russel in Boston. See also, D-blogger Scott Johnson's experimentation with an artificial pancreas.

In a Huffington Post article earlier this year on Anna's experience, she talked about being able to basically take what seemed like a vacation from her life with diabetes as she's known it.

In this 10-minute video, Anna shares what that experience was like and why it truly felt like a "day off work" for her:

And next week, another friend and D-Advocate in our community will be starting a trial on the same system -- community manager of the MyGlu site, Bill Woods, who's of course also featured in the video above, and you may very well know him as "1Happy Diabetic" online. Bill will be taking part in a study starting Sept. 9, and to mark his organization's excitement, they're actually hosting a kick-off reception. If you happen to be in Boston on Sept. 12, join them for Glu's "Bionic Pancreas Bash" from 5-8pm and meet the researchers. Email here for info.

Wow -- how often do you see a party for a clinical trial? That's what we call celebrating the labors of diabetes!

We can't wait to hear how Bill's experience goes, and if it's truly like "not having diabetes" for the first time in years.

Speaking of labor and diabetes, we also wanted to point out the new "Labor Fights Diabetes" program rolling out in New York, to "help reduce diabetes-related healthcare costs by giving businesses and unions the opportunity to implement a comprehensive and proven early diabetes detection and prevention program with their employees and members." They hope to set a precedent for other states in which employers and labor unions take the lead on reducing healthcare costs and promoting early diabetes prevention in the workplace. Bravo there!

In the meantime, we wish you all a diabetes-stress-free day off today!

happy labor day

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