Once again it's time to reflect on what marked the year here at DiabetesMine.com.  2009 was surely eventful, both for this blog and for me personally.  Never a dull a moment when you're a busy D-blogger, Health 2.0 advocate, and mother of three, I guess.  Here's a list of some key milestones that stand out in my mind:


January - I was invited to New York to attend a Health Bloggers Summit hosted by the Consumer Reports organization.  There I was privileged to meet the likes of Dr. Val Jones,  famous Mommy Blogger Jessica Gottlieb, and even the creator of Craigslist himself, Craig Newmark. FDA patient rep Rebecca Killion also spoke her mind here on the 'Mine.

February - I had a bit of a scare with a mammogram. It passed uneventfully, Thank God, but rattled my sense of living as a person with diabetes, yet again. Pharma really started getting their feet wet in social media — just as we all debated our stance as "patients vs. consumers."

March - a very big month! President Obama lifted restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.  The Deltec Cozmo insulin pump disappeared from the market. Lifescan launched the first diabetes iPhone app for a mainstream glucose meter. I successfully avoided Jury Duty, on Diabetes Alert Day, no less.

We launched the 2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge innovation competition, complete with awesome promo video featuring awesome-er kids with Type 1 diabetes. (Watch it now if you haven't yet.)

April - I interviewed legendary cure researcher Denise Faustman.  We also talked with some folks who were out of work and struggling to pay for their diabetes needs. Not good.

May -  Sonia Sotomayor made history as the first Type 1 diabetic nominated to the Supreme Court. The 2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge winners were announced, illustrating what true integration of D-devices with the iPhone might look like.  My chatter about CVS/Caremark's cost cuts — by skimping on cold packs for insulin shipments — launched lots of discussion.

June -  A big scare was reported that Lantus might cause cancer (it doesn't).  LA Times reporter David Lazarus guest-blogged here on "Living with the Diabetes Monster."

I reported live from the annual ADA Scientific Sessions Conference - more overwhelming every year.

July - The FDA announced that it would crack down on glucose meter accuracy. Prima Ballerina Zippora Katz was a featured guest blogger.

Roche hosted the first-ever "Diabetes Social Media Summit." Twenty-nine of us D-bloggers attended. Meeting each other in the flesh was undoubtedly the best part.

August - The Powers That Be butted heads over blood sugar guidelines for diabetics: To be aggressive or not to be? For those who opt to go aggressive, Kelly Close helped introduce some new tricks for optimizing insulin pump use.

Non-invasive technology expert John Smith gave us a status report, explaining why creating a successful non-invasive BG monitor is so darn hard to do.

September -  Journalist and author of the new book Diabetes Rising Dan Hurley shared his fascinating two cents, on how the ADA lets us down, and how the artificial pancreas may save us.

My husband contracted lyme disease. Ugh.  My home A1C kit produced some surprising results.

I also visited the world-famous Mayo Clinic, to speak at their event on transforming healthcare — and learned much about focusing on compassion versus "compliance."

October -  the new Journal of Participatory Medicine was launched! I am delighted to be a member of the editorial board.

I visited the Roche New Concept Incubator.

I started working with the American Heart Association to help PWDs prevent heart attacks.

November - National Diabetes Awareness Month.  For World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14, thousands of diabetics participated in the world's biggest online blood sugar test-in, the Big Blue Test. And don't forget SugaSheen and their new D-rap musical stylings.

I interviewed the man behind the next great hope for inhalable insulin, Al Mann.

I actually spoke at the Diabetes Technology Society conference. Quite an honor!

And we also launched the DiabetesMine Health Plans on Keas.com, online tools for learning and managing the Big D.  (Sign up here for free if you're at all curious.)

December - we discovered that some new diabetes technologies may not be getting a fair shake, while others really seem to help lower A1C's, at least in young people.

The FDA is struggling to set guidelines for Social Media, which will surely be a big theme in 2010.

Confession time: some days I do feel like there can't possibly be anything else to write about this aggravating illness. But then I often encounter someone new, and get inspired all over again.

Spemannequin-looking-outaking of inspired, we're currently in the early planning stages for the 2010 DiabetesMine Design Challenge, which promises to be very exciting this time around — with a community voting aspect! Hooray!  So all I ask is that you stick around here, and allow me to accompany you through yet another year of "all things diabetes."

With much warmth and respect -



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