Thank you all kindly for your tips -- and empathy -- on my test strip woes. I learned something extremely useful (which may not be news to the savvy long-timers out there) that constitutes quite the paradigm shift for me: you can buy test strips for cheap(er) at places like Costco, eBay and supply websites like without a prescription! So you don't have to rely on your insurance to cough up coverage for more of these essential supplies. Whew, what a relief. Where have I been?

In the meantime, I'm cutting the cord from dependence on mass quantities of these costly little strippies, because... DRUMROLL PLEASE....... I have been outfitted with a DexCom STS wireless continuous monitor!!! Did you catch that? Shall I repeat?! I am continuously, wirelessly monitoring my glucose levels as of Friday afternoon! I am the Bionic Woman. And loving it.

Dexcom_belly_1(Thus the kickoff of my new series here, "DexCom and Me" (technically a blog Category), following in the footsteps of Matt Vogel of Insulin Factor, who created the first-ever online DexCom user chronicles. But as of this weekend, it actually is DexCom and ME!!)

(*Pause for deep breath into paper bag...*)

And I just can't stop lookin' at it.

After seeing the unit live at the ADA Conf, I decided to take the plunge; I came home and called pretty much everyone I know over at my university Diabetes Teaching Center about the DexCom, and guess what? Ever-so-lucky-for-me they were just kicking off a Field Study (for patients of specific, participating doctors and offering the unit at a discount; nothing's for free). So the plucky DexCom rep actually made a house call (can you imagine?!) on Friday and got me all set up -- which was surprisingly easy. Sorry, no details on that process today. I am too excited! Here's what I want to share first:


* It's so easy to use that I'm baffled. Just two buttons, plus the calibrating with the OneTouch meter (which you need to make the system work at this point). But that's a simple matter of 2 fingersticks and then using a cable to connect the two meters for a few moments. The DexCom screen displays your BG "line" over the last hour, three hours, or nine hours -- in a way that even my grandma could understand (almost: she might've needed a magnifying glass).

* I can see my peaks and valleys -- in real-time! I have learned for certain what I already kinda-sorta knew: I am eating way too many carbs for breakfast. I happen to love cereal and fruit and yogurt and pancakes -- all of which are propelling me into the stratosphere (BG over 300) post-breakfast. Time for a new protein strategy here.


* What's not so hot with this "first edition" is the 5-foot range. Five feet won't getcha far! I keep walking out the room or leaving my purse upstairs with the Receiver in it, so that when I retreive it, I find it wasn't reading anything all the time I was "out of range" and I have to wait for it to reset (albeit only for a few mintues, but difficult with my LOP {lack of patience} disorder).

* Sooo, in order to avoid losing contact, I really should/could/would wear the Receiver on my belt in its little black pager-ish carrier:

"Well that's geeky!" my husband said when he saw it.Imgp2562_1

"Ah, it's not so bad. Lots of people wear pagers and other gadgets on their belts," I said.

"Yeah, if you're a geek," he replied.

Thanks, Hun!

On the whole, however, I am DELIGHTED to be able to see what's happening with my BG 24/7. There's nothing quite like it! I even keep it on my nightstand and push the button to check a bunch of times during the night. "Ho ho, going down!" Hubby's response? See above.

Oooh, and another first: there's my belly button on the Internet for the whole world to see. Life is funny that way.

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