A lot of exciting things are on the horizon, so time for a quick update on the Madness to Come:

♦ Countdown: One week until takeoff - YIPES! Next Wednesday I board a plane for Indianapolis to attend the first-ever Diabetes Social Media Summit hosted by Roche Diabetes Care. Can't wait to meet a whole gaggle of D-bloggers and Tweeters in person, finally.

(Again, if you didn't get invited this year, please don't fret: we had to start somewhere, and there were only so many spots available. But with any luck, this will become an annual happening for the D-OC.)

♦  From there, I head directly to Germany for our annual family sojourn.  Due to the rural nature of some places we are going, I will actually be completely off-line for two of the weeks - gasp! - so I'm frantically preparing my annual Summer Reading Guest Post Series. Many treats are in store for you (I promise!), including some of the country's premiere experts in Diabetes & Sports, Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring, development of the Artificial Pancreas, the Psychological Side of this Stupid Disease, and much much more. So do stay tuned...itinerary-dbmine

♦ As soon as we return, I'll be jumping in (again) with both feet to prepare for the October launch of a top secret Health 2.0 application that my co-author Dr. Jackson and I are working on. Yes of course, diabetes-related. More on that as soon as the gag order is lifted.

♦  In mid-September, I head to the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for a brand new event called Transform: "A collaborative symposium on innovations in health care experience and delivery." I'm very excited, because 1) this will be my first time on sacred Mayo ground, and 2) the event is all about "stimulating our curiosity" including scientists, designers, bloggers, Twitterers, professors, policy experts, anthropologists and artists - wow! Check it out on Twitter here.

♦ The big annual Health 2.0 Conference is taking place here in San Francisco on Oct. 6-7 — for the first time, at an actual Exhibition Center, rather than a hotel. Testament to the event's draw! There'll be "nearly a hundred speakers and plenty of new healthcare demos and technologies on display on stage ... (providing) a sweeping overview of the ways that information technology and the web are changing healthcare." This year, I'll be moderating half of a panel on "The Patient Experience" on Tuesday, Oct. 6. See some of you there?

♦  Also in October, be on the lookout for the pre-inaugural issue of the revolutionary new Journal of Participatory Medicine. This will be a brand new type of peer-reviewed science journal that's open source (no fee to get the articles) and dedicated to research in the field of "participatory medicine" — as in patient participation (sometimes called Health 2.0).  I am proud to announce that Yours Truly has been named to the editorial board. That means I'll be looking for research tips, article ideas, and relevant video and podcast content.  Lemme know if you've got something appropriate for publication.

♦  In early November, I'm finally getting my ticket into the Diabetes Technology Society annual conference, taking place right here on my home turf.  Along with a physician, a nurse, and an engineer, I'll participate in a panel discussing the most-needed types of "technologies to improve adherence and control of type 1 diabetes." I'm also tasked with writing an article on this topic for the April 2010 edition of the Society's academic journal. Going to be one busy Patient Gal.

♦ Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: we're planning a pretty extensive home renovation this Fall (who can afford to move?)  So it looks like the hubby, myself, our three girls, our Calico cat, my office, and most of our worldly belongings will be moving out of our home for a period of up to six months.  That oughta put my blood sugar right over the edge, no?!  Have I mentioned my favorite word in this post yet? YIPES!


But it's all good... thank you for your continued readership and support, All.


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