Speaking of survivorship... read this:

Shortly after my diagnosis, a friend in my book club said enthusiastically, "You HAVE to talk with my mom. She's got diabetes AND breast cancer!"  Aaaaaccccckkk!  I'm just getting my head around one chronic disease, so why in the world would I want to rendezvous with someone who'll remind me that there may be more to come?!

That's so unfair, I thought.  In the scheme of life, I figured everyone's got a check-off list of misfortunes.  The big box on my list labeled "CHRONIC DISEASE" is already checked off now, so whew!  At least I know what I'm up against... Got my chronic and I'm done with that, right?  Wrong!

Last week I got an email from dLife co-host Jim Turner (whom I met a while back and just adore).  He has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer on top of his Type 1 diabetes and Peyronie's Disease (post for another day).  Yikes! 

Jim_turner Jim is a 55-years-young successful actor and comedian with a very active life, beautiful wife and son.  So, 40 years with diabetes wasn't enough suffering?  He had to get hit with this?

Now besides A1c's and BG's and glycomarks, Jim's learning a whole new medical vocabulary: PSA and Gleason score and T1c. He's having a bone scans and cat scans to make sure the cancer hasn't "jumped to anything else."  Ugh.  (Right away I sent him over to Don Cooley at Prostate Help).

Luckily, Jim comes from the Art Buchwald School of Bad News... where a healthy funny bone buoys even the most ailing of the ill.  The image here was attached to one of Jim's emails:

"We caught this very early on. My prognosis is excellent. I have total faith in my doctor. And I will be having (treatment) at Cedars Sinai - which I've been told is like going to a fancy spa. Except for the part about drilling a hole in my bottom.  Actually, where DO they drill the hole? Kripes, more research!"

btw, when I asked Jim if I could blog about this, he wrote: "Absolutely. Blog away on my prostate. Quote me if you want but make me sound super virile and handsome."

Doing my best here, Jim.  So sorry to hear about your Double-Chronic Whammy!

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