Hello All, and Welcome Back to the Diabetic Partner Follies, our sharing forum for partners of PWDs.  Sometimes both partners have diabetes, and things get particularly hairy -- especially when one partner is guilty of D-neglect.  You think that's only bad news for the affected individual?  Think again:

Can I fire my diabetic husband for losing his spiffy new blood glucose meter?

This is the man who said to me, "I'd test more often if I had the meter that you have, that keeps track of all those numbers."

Fine. I bought him the meter.  More testing is good for a person with type 2 diabetes, right?  At least I didn't give it to him as a birthday or valentine's day gift. 

Personally, I have two meters.  One lives at home in my bathroom.  The second lives in my office desk drawer.  (I should probably get a third to live in my car.)

And it's not as if I ask him every day how his numbers are.  I ask once in a while. His HbA1c was most recently 8.8, and his doctor commented that this reading was down from earlier ones.

When I asked how his numbers were about a month ago, he sheepishly admitted that he couldn't find his meter.  I asked a week or so ago, and he still had not located it.

What kind of health crisis will it take to get his attention?  I want to grab him by both ears and shake him.  I am so angry at him.  I am so afraid of what is happening within his body right now. I have enough to do with managing my own life, and my own diabetes.  I cannot manage his.

But how cruel of him to inflict this worry and anger on me by his inaction and carelessness.  Can I forgive?  Can I continue?  Can I?

— Anonymous on the West Coast, USA

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