To report on another side of ADA activities altogether, there was of course the Palo Alto Tour de Cure event this Sunday. Thank you all for your contributions! And ooh, man, I am proud of myself. My girlfriend and I zipped through the 30-mile (50k) course, and then I RODE HOME. Yes, adding another 25 miles to the course. (OK, it would've been just 20 miles if I hadn't taken that wrong turn at Sand Hill Road -- whatever)

Cyclists going up Kings Mountain Road.

Blood glucose strategy:

- Consumed only 20g carbs for breakfast, which I dosed for.

- Then just drank the Cytomax during the first 30 miles. Clocked in at 130 BG.

- Ate two Kashie Bars at the event (they always serve gluten-packed pasta and muffins), to the tune of 54 carbs. Dosed for only 8 carbs, knowing that insulin activity quadruples (or sextuples?) during a strenuous workout.

- Tested about an hour into the ride home at 172.

- Arrived home at a happy 83 BG.

I'm a cycling genius! Or just one very lucky newbie. See my latest dLife column on taking up cycling with Type 1 diabetes, The Diabetes Bike Zone.

Notes to self:

- DON'T forget the sunscreen on long rides, even when it looks kinda gloomy out.

- DO bring children along to next year's Tour de Cure. They actually had face-painting, and a jumpy castle, and a climbing wall, and brownies, too. The girls would have loved it.

Now if you really want to read about some PWDs who've conquered the Biking Zone, check out Team Type1. This group of 8 amazing Type 1's just started with the 3,062-mile Race Across America on Tuesday. Teamtype1_2007

This marathon event has them cycling from Oceanside, CA, to Atlantic City, NJ. Last year, the team set a record in the eight-person corporate challenge category (5 days, 16 hours, and 4 minutes). This year, they're outfitted with all the latest and greatest diabetes tech, including OmniPods and Abbott Navigator CGM systems (under an investigational study status) for all, and they're out to set a world record: be the first all-diabetic team to win the race outright.

It's only Day 2 of the race today, but TeamType1 is already leading the team category. You can follow the action at

Man, my 55 miles wiped me out. When I look at Team Type1 I really do think, if people can do that with diabetes, then we darn well can accomplish just about anything.

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