The Deltec people (henceforth to be known under the name of their parent company, Smiths Medical), who make the highly appealing CozMore pump/monitoring system, hosted a series of intimate dinners at the ADA Conference last weekend to present a "state of the technology" address to their valued contacts. I was lucky enough to attend one. (What? I'm a prime prospect for them!)

The conversation quickly turned to the less-than-stellar Cozmo pump case. "Yeah, we really f---ed up on that one," laughed R.K., VP of the company's Diabetes Division. I loved this exec's candor! He even told funny stories about educators having to advise their patients to "just cut out the plastic window" so they could see the display. And one guy who called to say, "It's a great case -- for the week I have it! Why don't you just send me a month's supply so I can be prepared?" Yeah, they know, they know...

But they seemed surprised that when negotiating with German distributors recently, the EuroTagalongpean reps wrinkled their noses and declared: "what people care about here is stylish, personalized cases" (which, btw, would require at least 10 more words in German).

Wait a minute! Stylish and personalized? Isn't that the way of the new cell phone market? With clip-on colorfully designed facades and and hundreds of ring tones to choose from?

Well now, the pump's an even more personal accessory, as it goes with you to places the cell phone wouldn't dare tread. And the common desire to hide the pump makes for even more interesting case design challenges.

For me, one of the biggest issues in considering the pump at all is where to stickGarterlg it? As Violet of Pumplandia notes, this ain't easy. Like her, I'm not "properly built" to hide a box like that in the bra. Violet's considering a garter option.

The conference also gave me my first taste of this world, as I discovered the collection of funky pump cases from Heartland Creative Designs. There's the "Tag-A-Long," offering an easy outside clip to your clothes, available in 21 colors. And the "Slider" for your belt loop, along with the "Hide Away" that slips compfortably into many an intimate spot, they say. And they also make a garter -- a "delicate and feminine light-weight pump case" made of satin and lace. I can't wait to hear how Violet likes it.

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