Now this is interesting.  Yesterday I received an update from the folks at Manhattan Research on the "Top Pharma Product Site 2008 list" from their latest ePharma Physician® study. To be clear, this study looks at the top product sites visited by doctors, not patients or consumers:

Top 10 Product Sites Visited by Physicians in 2008

Ranked by Number of U.S. Primary Care Physician Visitors

1. Januvia

2. Actos

3. Chantix

4. Gardasil

5. Actonel

6. Vytorin

7. Amitiza

8. Byetta

9. Avandia

10. Aciphex

In fact, the study polled primary care physicians, not endocrinologists in particular.  Note the top treatment brand sites are from Januvia, Actos, Byetta, and Avandia.

And the highlighted quote included was as follows:

"This year's rankings show that market events, rather than just advertising alone, can be critical drivers to brand websites," points out Meredith Abreu Ressi, VP of Research at Manhattan Research. "Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure that brand websites contain the latest, most accurate content possible and can be found relatively easily by physicians using search engines to research pharmaceutical information."

By "market events" I'm assuming they mean scandals and safety scares.

What's fascinating to me is the lack of any sites having anything whatsoever to do with insulin.  Also, metformin did not make the list, although it is the most prescribed diabetes drug in the United States. I guess if it's safe, it's not that interesting (?)

As a patient with Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, I personally spend a lot of time looking at the web sites from Insulet (makers of my OmniPod pump) and those from Medtronic, Abbott Diabetes, Roche, Animas, DexCom (CGM systems) and the like.

I know most patients with Type 2 diabetes take oral drugs. I wonder what their Top 10 List would look like? And yours?

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