Did I say I was finished reviewing the fabulous submissions in this year's DiabetesMine Design Challenge? Well I lied, sorry. There's one more design that came very close to winning that I'd like to share today.

Remember how we said the Grand Prize winner LifeCase/LifeApp — a design concept that converts your iPhone into your glucose monitor + insulin pump controller — could easily be extended to include continuous glucose monitoring capabilities? Well, this is probably what it would look like:


Remora Continuous Glucose Monitoring System


Is this not brilliant?  When you think about it, why in the world isn't all of our required diabetes/health functionality already being built right into the smartphones we all carry around with us constantly anyway?  Why keep developing a bunch of separate hardware units?

What's especially powerful here is how integration with the phone allows for automatic emergency procedures: if your BG dips too low and you don't respond to the alarms, the phone automatically calls 911 and your emergency contacts, and the built-in GPS capabilities let medics now exactly where you're located.

A masterful vision of how CGM systems can and should work for us.

Thank you, Troy Kyle!


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