Welcome back to the Diabetic Partner Follies, where the partners of people with diabetes (PWDs) come to share. Michael has had a crash course in this disease since his wife was diagnosed, and it ain't been pretty. Like so many others, he's searching for some kindred spirits:


I am SO glad I found your site. It's been a wonderful source of information and humor about PWD's.

I'm the spouse of a 39-year old type 1 PWD. She had gestational diabetes with both of her pregnancies and developed type 1 about 1-2 years after having kids.

Mikelori When my wife was diagnosed, I knew next to nothing about this terrible disease and its effects. Five years later, she's been hospitalized once for DKA, been through a handful of doctors and is developing foot problems.

I now know diabetes as an all-consuming, spontaneity-sucking, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week bummer. It's hard to fathom how little support there is out there for PWD's. A lot of my wife's doctors don't seem to get it. A lot of family don't seem to get it. Even some friends don't get it. I probably don't fully get it either.

Sometimes I wish there was some way for people to 'walk a mile' in the shoes of a PWD -- like putting on a prosthetic tummy or walking around blindfolded.

Maybe we could come up with a device that you could hook up to people that would alternatively make them feel tired, weak, hungry, combative, depressed, dizzy -- and the user would have to adjust the device to try and feel better. Maybe that's too harsh...

Anyway, thanks for providing a fun forum for information-sharing. I print out a lot of your posts and share them with my wife.

Best, Michael

Thanks, Michael. Glad to know that our community can be of help.

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