I am writing this at 3:27 am. In the next room, my 8-year-old is slumbering soundly. How ironic...

All those years of fear and loathing of being awakened every few hours by some unhappy baby -- dragging out of bed to soothe a bad dream, find a binky, or change somebody's sheets. Now that all the little ones finally sleep peacefully through the night, I've got some kind of self-induced sleep issue going on. And it's definitely NOT GOOD for my diabetes management.

Trying_to_sleep_3 I wrote about it in this month's Straight Up column at dLife.

Try googling "diabetes and sleep" and you get close to a million hits.

A resident expert on MedScape writes that "sleep disturbances are common among individuals with diabetes. When compared with nondiabetics, patients with diabetes report higher rates of insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, and unpleasant sensations in the legs that disturb sleep."

So far the legs are fine over here, knock on wood. I'm just wide awake night after night right about 3am on the dot. (The witching hour?) I toss and turn and mull over dozens of details and "to-do's." I get up and putter for hours -- which usually means sitting at the PC. In the morning, I generally have a dull headache and a sensation I can only describe as "thin" -- as in thin attention span, thin patience. Bad news when you're a parent, and when you're a diabetic who needs oodles of perseverance just to get through the day.

When I haven't slept well, I can't work out. Too tired. Less exercise = more cranky.

When I haven't slept well, I do not eat well. Just grabbing and stuffing and snacking. That kitchen scale? Don't even talk to me about it.

When I haven't slept well, I am angry at my glucose meter. And it seems angry at me. Then we both have a bad day.

Know what I mean?

'Nuff said. I'm off to get some shut-eye. Catch some Zzzz's. Forty-winks and all that. God willing.

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