While we're on the subject of not pumping: as you know, I use an injection pen (with half-unit delivery), which I find pretty easy and convenient. Even with the syringe injections of Lantus necessary at night, I've discovered that dental Xrays give me much more discomfort than those little needles...

But what I Tinytrashdon't like is the teeny tiny trash I'm always stuck with at the table: the used test strip, the little plastic protector, paper tab, and discarded pen needle itself. No, I don't carry around a Sharps Container. Who does? So can I just leave this little stuff for the bus boys to clean up? If I drop it in a trash can, will somebody really stick themself on this itty bitty thing?

Anybody else NOT pumping and dealing with this? (I even took the picture myself; finally learning to master my digital camera)

Anyway, I've learned to flatten the back end of the needle with a table knife, so it's pretty safe in the trash, I believe. But so often I'm picnicking or eating my homemade lunch where's there's no convenient garbage container immediately available. So I've got these little clumps of D-trash in numerous jacket pockets, purse zipper compartments, and in nooks and crannies in my car. It's like I'm leaving a trail for the cure to find me, in case I'm not home when it knocks... :)

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